Wound Care

wound care

Your wound care team

Your wound care is coordinated with primary care provider and includes a complete team of therapists and specialist.

What services are offered?

We work closely with hospice, Home Health and family members to provide caring and compassionate therapies to increase a patient’s comfort and independence. Our service include:

What are the benfits of working with a team?

With a complete team certified in wound care, patient outcomes are better. As a multidisplinary team, the combined expertise and clinical knowledge covers a wider range of mo- dalities to improve quality of life. The ability to call upon many specialists increases your wound healing success and has added benefits, includ- ing Increase patient comfort Decreased average lenght of hospital stays Cost-effective use of supplies and equipment Faster Healing ratesFewer comlications and recurrences Patients have continually expressed their gratitude to the wound care staff at Caring link Family Practice for reducing their recovery time and improving their quality of life by providing expect care.

What services are offered?

What is wound care

wound care is the treatment of acute/chronic wound such us post-operative wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcer, vascular ulcer and acute utilizing up-to-date therapies including:

We are an excellent source for healing chronic wounds caused by multiple problems.

When shound i see a wound care specialist?

A patient with a wound that has not healed after one month of conversional therapy is often referred to a wound care specialist for