Who is a nurse Practitioner

A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse who have pursued a masters or doctorate degree, which enables him/her to diagnose illness, prescribe medications, order screening and diagnostic lab works, x-rays, MRIs CT scan and many more. They treat chronic and acute conditions.

Meet Our Provider

Passionate about serving others, Eva started her career in the health field as a home attendant caring for the sick. She quickly advanced in her career after furthering her education to Supervisor role in a geriatric facility in New York City. Yearning for more knowledge, she pursued her education as a Registered Nurse and then a board Certified family Nurse Practitioner, with over 15years of experience working in Occupational Health, House calls, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Geriatric population, Education and leadership role. She also has special training in biblical counseling.

She earned her master’s degree at Pace University in New York and her undergraduate degree at College of New Rochelle

I am available to business, schools, churches and a variety of other settings to speak on variety of topics related to health, diabetes, parenting, nutrition, wellness, counseling and more! Please tell me more about your needs.